walk with me in Zürich

Walking meditation. Meet your breathe. 

Leave your full day behind. Take a deep breath. And find a simple practice that brings peace. 

Simple. Step by step. Every step is peace. 

Slow down and breathe

I invite you every wednesday evening at 6.30 pm to a walking meditation along the Zürich lake, 

practicing the art of silence and ending with a seated meditation at the Chinese garden.

leave your busy day behind and meet silence

silence is peace of mind

peace of mind is presence 

presence is healing

healing with every simple step

every step is peace

peace is love

love that our Earth gives to us every day

but equally that our agitated world is in deep need

Come and join us. Walk with us.

No age restrictions. Absolutely everyone is welcomed.


The documentary “Walk with me” released in 2017, following the steps of the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and his monastic community at Plum Village based in Bordeaux, 

inspired me to initiate a “walk with me” group here in Zürich. 

I am a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, who has experienced various meditation retreats at Buddhist monasteries, as well as exploring our breathe as medicine. My beloved yoga teacher Sandra Sabatini has taught me that all there is to be learnt in yoga can be understood simply through walking and standing. Because our feet are constantly communicating with the Earth. 

When all the chatter around us silences, we can open our windows and 

let the Earth's tunes and songs enter our being. We can then enter into a dialogue with the Earth and through practice find more equanimity and contentment in our daily life. 

A connectedness that can be found everywhere we stand. Any time.

Allowing the body to arrive and receive. 

Simply remembering to be in all ways. 

To know more about my work, please visit www.samanthagrob.com

The first step!

Wanna participate? 

Or do you like more informations, please write me!


walk with me zürich


076 20 22 453

Where ? 

every wednesday at 18.30


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